Why Having An Automatic Gate System Installed Is Important?

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If you’re considering upgrading your residential property security. One of the most prudent methods is having an automatic gate system installed by an automated gate contractor. They’re both stylish and functional and will work to deter criminals from your property. Read on to learn more about this invaluable home security investment!   

Why Having An Automatic Gate System Installed Is Important?

Besides the obvious reason that having an automatic gate system installed on your residential property will boost its curb appeal. There are a number of reasons to consider the installation:

✔ A variety of styles:

Whether your personal taste is modern and contemporary or rustic and traditionally styled. There is an automatic gate system available that will complement it. From ornate ironwork to sleek steel rods and links. You can be certain that you’ll find a system that perfectly matches your home’s style. Not only will it look incredible when installed. But people passing by your home will be impressed by how finished it looks.

✔ Increased home security:

Every homeowner wants a safe environment for their family to live in. Installing a residential gate system will help prevent intruders from entering your property without permission. Most systems have an in-ground/in-wall electrical box. Which will cause an alarm to sound if someone attempts to tamper with it or remove it from its place. For more help, you can always consult an automated gate contractor

✔ Customizable:

Through customization, you’ll be able to join together multiple accessories. And accessories from certain manufacturers together in order to enhance the look of your gate system. For example, you might want a gate swing arm and a post built simultaneously. While this setup is possible. Some gate systems won’t cooperate, even if they’re made by the same company. With an automatic gate system, you’ll be able to select the accessories you want. And have them joined together to make your perfect gate system.

✔ Easy installation:

Not only is having an automatic gate system more affordable than you might think (depending on the model). But they’re easy to install as well. Many times, all that is required of you is attaching the hardware to your existing fence or post. And guiding the tracks into place.

✔ Ideal for both residential and commercial properties:

While some automatic gate systems are designed specifically for commercial property, There are others that are actually better suited for homeowners than businesses. It depends on the type of gate system you choose. If you have a commercial property, it may be wise to contact a professional first. So you can choose a system that’s best suited to your needs.

✔ Proven security:

If you’re concerned about possible damage from weather. Or from being tampered with as well as crime. An automatic gate system will protect your property from all types of intruders. When installed correctly, they’re actually very difficult to break into or tamper with. Which makes them ideal for commercial properties as well as residential ones.   

For all the reasons listed above and more. Having an automatic gate system installed by an automated gate contractor is a great way to make your property safer and more secure. 

FAQs on an Automatic Gate System

Q: Should I buy an automatic gate system that’s made exclusively for commercial properties, or should I go for one made for residential properties?

A: While both types of gate systems are available You should talk to a professional before purchasing. Some owners prefer to have commercial gates installed on their homes. Because they’re easier to use and install than residential ones. Commercial ones are also more secure. Because they require a high level of safety from the users as well as the people who come in contact with them. 

Q: Can I Renovate my Residential Gate System with a Commercial One? 

A: Yes, you can. Some residential gate systems will allow you to add a commercial swing arm in order to give your gate a more impressive look. However, if you have a commercial swing arm. It won’t work on a residential property unless the gate tracks are the same size. 

Q: How Easy is it to Install an Automatic Gate System? 

A: For many owner-builders who are handy with tools and construction projects. Installing an automatic gate system is not difficult at all. All you’ll need is some time and patience. Most manufacturers make an installation manual available online. Or through one of their authorized dealers which you can download and use. 

Q: Does an Automatic Gate System Cost a Lot More than a Gate? 

A: There are a lot of residential gate systems out there on the market. And some of them are actually cheaper than others. It depends on your specifications and needs. An automatic gate system with multiple parts which you add on yourself will cost more than the single-piece gate system that comes in a kit. However, once you add all the accessories together, it will be less expensive overall.  For more information, you can consult an automated gate contractor and get the best help. 

Q: What Type of Accessories Does an Automatic Gate System Have?

A: There are more accessories available for some automatic gate systems than others. These include gate track assemblies, swing arms, winders, and poles. 

Q: What Size of Track Does an Automatic Gate System Have? 

A: The size of the track that comes with your gate system is generally based on the width of your home or property. You can choose between a double gate track. Which is wider than the typical single-track gate. Or a single-track system which is made to fit smaller spaces.


Automatic Gate Systems are an excellent way to give your property more safety. And security. They’re economical, easy to install, and perfect for virtually any home or property. If you’re interested in getting one installed, contact Bellevue Fencing today for the automated gate installation services and get the best help from them for the same. 


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