What Are Wood Beads And What Wooden Beads Symbolize?

What Are Wood Beads And What Wooden Beads Symbolize

A bead is a small and decorative object that is made from glass, stone, wood, or other material. They are usually of round shape, perforated for threading and all together they make a garland or a bracelet. They have various uses such as jewelry, decoration, and sometimes on clothes. Generally, their size ranges from under 1 millimeter to 1 centimeter in diameter, and sometimes people do go for large beads as well.

Wooden beads are made from wood and are created using an electric router, a scratch stock, or using a special moulding hand plane. If you look at the past, you will get to know that they have served as a strong spiritual symbol.  Wooden beads are made from distinct types of wood such as sandalwood, balsa, olive, etc. Various wood types are used for different colors. Some are used for prayer and meditation, style and fashion, while some are used for art and crafts.

What Do Wooden Beads Represent?

Are you excited to know about what these beads represent? Well, different religions and cultures use them in distinct ways. Thus, in-depth meaning may vary. Usually, various shades and color options are available including very light to complete dark. Also, one can easily paint or stain them.

You can also saturate and deepen the wood with aromatic essential oils, which can combine therapeutic elements into a meditative practice. Distinct types of wood provide different energies, for instance, rosewood fosters feelings of love, spirituality, and empathy.

Exceptional Meaning of Wooden Beads Bracelets

There is something special and bohemian about a bracelet made of wooden beads. If worn with an outfit, they usually bring a natural, authentic, and universal vibe. But if we look deeper, we will find that theyhold a much intense meaning. Wooden beads bracelet’s significance makes it an important accessory. It is believed that wooden bead bracelets represent liberty, creativity, and people who practice New Age Spirituality mostly wear them.

Bracelets that have tassels and pom poms are used for prayers, meditations, yoga practices, and more. When these beads are woven into a thread, it is used for mantras, chants, and recitations. This practice improves concentration and offers a deep sense of connection and relaxation.

Some bracelets having charms convey additional meanings, such as adding a cross to a prayer bead bracelet. People also consider them lucky, and anyone can wear these lucky bracelets. These bracelets are a perfect gift for anyone you want to share with good luck and positive energy. Wooden bracelets can make daily mantras, prayers, and meditation easy and convenient.

Customize Your Wooden Beads Accordingly

You can buy a number of beads of the same type or different kinds of beads to create a bracelet that holds a deeper meaning. You can also buy distinct beads to make your bracelet unique and stylish. You can paint these beads with simple acrylic paint and then sealing them with a finishing spray or varnish them. For holding a bead while painting, you can use a skewer with tape. To get a cool and bohemian vibe from your bracelet you can try various painting strategies such as marbling.

Reasons Why Male & Females Wear Wooden Bracelets

In ancient times, people used to wear bracelets to showcase different meanings. For instance, kings and warriors wear them as a symbol of an evil spirit. Wealthy people wear them to show their power and status. In this modern era, things have changed, and along with that people’s perceptions have also changed.

People wear wooden bracelets to express their fashion, style, and personality. For example, a dark wooden bead bracelet worn by men expresses their attractive and rugged fashion sense. On the other hand, a wooden bracelet combined with colored stone beads expresses a delicate and feminine fashion sense.

An exception to a necklace and earrings, bracelets are versatile and fun to accessorize with any kind of outfit. Some unique and handmade bracelets of Dream of Stones perfectly blend with all kinds of outfits.

People around the world follow different religions and cultures, and they have different beliefs about these ornaments and jewelry. Latin American people used to wear Azabache bracelets because they believed that these bracelets protected them.

Bracelets act as a souvenir and reserve invaluable memories. These can help you recall beautiful and memorable events that happened in the past. For example, I.D. bracelets were worn by soldiers in the 19th century.

A wooden bracelet can easily absorb oil and hold the scent for a long period. Well, you can easily find over 100 types of oils that have their unique scent and health benefits. Some of them are lavender, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, tea tree, and more.

Where You Can Get Wooden Beads Bracelets?

No matter for what purpose you are looking to buy wooden beads, you can easily buy them online. Do you want to buy beads for calming qualities, using in your yoga or meditation practices, or simply for use as a piece of jewelry? If yes, it is required that you get these beads from a credible and popular seller. One of the best online stone sellers is Dream of Stones. You can also do a little research and find the one that best suits your needs. Buy your favorite stone now at an affordable price and fulfill your dreams.


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