2 Proven Strategies To Improve Team Performance

strategies to improve team performance
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When we talk about enhancing teamwork, people think it can be done by mixing skills, having a diverse team, and good communication. But these are the things you look for when you are hiring the candidate. Building remarkable teams and enhancing teamwork in employees who are already hired, these are two different things. How you will enhance teamwork in all the teams at your company? Read the proven strategies to improve team performance.

Here Are Two Proven Strategies To Improve Team Performance:

Engage Them In Constructive Conflicts

One of the biggest difficulties that leaders face when they are trying to engage their employees in constructive conflicts is the desire to save them from any harm. This desire will end the conflicts before they are supposed to end. And in turn, your team members will not be able to develop coping skills that are required to engage in healthy and long conflicts.

Think of it as an exercise to develop conflict management skills. If you end the conflict prematurely to protect your members from harm, you risk creating back-channel politics by leaving them hungry for the resolution.

Many leaders feel that if they allow their team to engage in long constructive conflict, they will lose control and the meeting will turn into a meaningless fight. But as an executive, you need to develop conflict management skills to increase productivity and build trust among your team members.

strategies to improve teamwork

Teams Who Engage In Meetings:

● Have energetic and interesting meetings
● Are able to have diverse ideas on the table
● Can build strong trust among each other
● Can solve problems quickly
● Stay away from politics
● Don’t hesitate to work on complicated tasks.

To engage your team in conflicts, assume to role of a conflict miner — a person who talks about buried disagreements and problems. And, don’t let anyone team member retreat until the conflict is completely resolved even if it takes hours.

Another way to reduce resistance to conflict is by allowing your team to spend time together. Strong teams spend a lot of time together. And by doing so, they eradicate the confusion and redundant efforts that will occur due to bad communication and eventually waste a lot of time. This could be as little as three to four days per month. This might seem good but when we ask leaders to get their teams to spend considerable time together, they will call it a time waste.

Focus On Collective Results

Some team members just want to be a part of the team. They just want to have that status. They don’t care if the team fails or becomes successful. It may sound ridiculous, but for some employees, it is enough that they are a part of a large company such as Google or Apple. We used the names of these companies just as an example. Small companies are also vulnerable to this.

Many employees in the team just want to gain powerful roles and promote themselves on the ladder, even if that comes at the expense of the team.

A Team Which Focuses On Collective Results:

● Is able to reduce individualistic behavior
● Increases the chances of success
● Have team members who value the results of the team more than their individual results
● Can defeat competitors

tips to enhance teamwork

As a leader, you should set a direction so your employees focus on collective results because humans, even if they are not bad, have a tendency to focus on individualistic results. Set clear and achievable goals for your team and tell them, if we fail to achieve these results, everyone fails even if a team member had a remarkable individual performance.

Executives play an important role in team building as most teams directly or indirectly report to them. So, it is important that executives in a company understand the dysfunctions of teamwork. They should also know how to develop & improve teamwork. So, when you are hiring executives, look for leadership skills that enable them to build and maintain highly effective teams. We will recommend you to hire an executive search firm to help you with recruitment.


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