Free Quoting Software: The Best Software For Your Business


Sales quote software makes it easier to create a quote and send a proposal to your potential customer. These tools may also have reporting functionality, proposal engagement notifications, and integrations so you can sync with your other tools, such as your CRM.

 Sales quote software

Sales quote software

What is quoting software?
As the name suggests, quoting software facilitates the act of creating a sales quote. However, the software isn’t just limited to quoting. It also supports the act of printing sales quotes, updating quotes, and having sales personnel create a company-wide proposal. Although many small business owners are skeptical about purchasing these kinds of programs, more and more companies are accepting the offers. Sales Quote Software also incorporates basic invoicing functionality. What is a sales quote? A sales quote is a detailed description of a product or service, including its features and pricing. This information serves as the foundation for a sales contract. Why should I buy a sales quote software? Taking the time to create a sales quote for your customers can save you time and money.

Why should I use quoting software?
No more time wasted editing or writing a quote More accurate quotes Communication tools that support your meetings Easy-to-understand agreements Can you recommend any tools? GreatCall Quoting Create and send quotes from within Outlook or Outlook on the web or just save them to the message center. GreatCall Quote Quickly generate a standard quote or attach multiple files. Yola Quote Document your business goals, including insurance details and a list of customer data and the attached document. Add text, photos, and links. Lexis Quotecast Leverage your existing tools to create a quotation quickly. Quarterly – get invoices in the mail once a quarter with the QR Code Quote Scanner! Does your business or industry use quoting software?

How to find the best quoting software for your business
Since there are so many different software packages on the market, this is where a web-based quote application can come into play. Some applications are best suited for small to mid-sized businesses while others are better for larger firms. Your sales rep will most likely be familiar with your current systems. The decision to buy a new quoting system will boil down to three areas: ease of use, new features, and price. The first thing to consider when choosing a quoting software is how it will integrate with your current tools. Many products are “freemium,” which means they require an initial subscription fee. Although, you may also pay a monthly subscription fee after that initial time period has ended.

With these six apps, you’ll be better equipped to manage your team, connect with prospects, and provide valuable information to customers.


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