7 Steps to Take If Your Wi-Fi Router Gets Hacked


The advancements in technology have really facilitated various business operations. Now you can collaborate with your team members remotely through various online tools. But the Internet is also filled with malware and hackers. They can easily make you lose your important data and passwords. So, it is very important to keep the router and device secure.While searching for the latest Spectrum cable box models, I came across very informative tips on how to combat if your wi-fi routers hacked . So this guide will discuss all these tips in detail. Read on to know more about them:

Delete The Suspicious Apps

If you know your wi-fi routers hacked, you should delete the unnecessary apps from your device immediately. These apps might stimulate the installation of other apps and software. These, in turn, might further damage your device.

So, you should clean your computer if such a situation arises. You also remove the suspicious toolbars. They can monitor your online activities and send your personal information to third party websites. You should always read the terms carefully before installing any such app or toolbar.

wifi routers hacked

Back-Up Your Data

Your device might contain important files and documents. So, you should always back up your data. This might prevent the loss of these important documents. Also, new suspicious apps might get installed on your computer. And these apps might trigger the theft of personal information and files.

So, you should always back up your personal data on Cloud. In case, the hacking makes the computer crash, you still won’t lose your data. This is because your data will be stored safely on the Cloud.

Restart Your Device

You should immediately turn off your computer if you suspect that the router has been hacked. Restart the computer. But make sure that you operate it in safe mode. After that, search for any suspicious apps or software on the device.

Immediately delete them and search for any viruses on the system. Use reliable antivirus software to get rid of these viruses. After that, restart your device. Check if you are getting any suspicious notifications. Also, check if your computer’s speed is normal or not. If it’s slow, then there still might be viruses on your device.

Alert Your Contacts

It is another important step that you should take if your wi-fi routers get hacked. If a hacker gains access to your private contacts, he/she might try to contact them. Such emails and text messages might urge the contacts to share more information. They can also facilitate the hacking of your contacts’ private accounts and information.

So, you should tell your contacts in advance that your router has been hacked. This will prevent them from sharing your personal information and facilitating more loss.

wifi routers hacked

Immediately Contact The Bank

If you notice that your account has a lesser amount of funds, then you should contact the bank. The hacker might have gained access to your account information. And he/she might start stealing funds from your accounts.

Contact the bank and explain the situation to them in detail. They might help you to recover your funds. And they might close your account temporarily so that no further transactions might be possible. So, instead of panicking in such a situation, you should secure your accounts.

Set Up Strong Passwords

If your router has been hacked, you should immediately change the passwords for all accounts. After the hacker steals your private information, he/she might start signing in into your accounts. So, the best strategy to prevent that might be to change the passwords.

Set up strong passwords that contain at least 8-9 characters. Make sure that the password is a unique blend of capital and small letters, numbers, and special characters. Make sure to change the passwords for all accounts. This will ensure that the hacker is not able to access any account.

Use WPA2 Encryption

To keep your router secure, you also need to take precautionary measures. So, you should make sure that you don’t use WEP security. Use WPA2 encryption instead so that the hackers find it difficult to hack the router.

How To Protect Your Router?

Besides the above-mentioned measures, you can also take some steps to increase your Wi-Fi router’s security. Some of them are:

Make Sure Your Router Has A Firewall

You should always purchase a router that has an installed firewall. This firewall can effectively keep hackers and cybercriminals at bay. If your router doesn’t have a firewall, you can search for one online. Search for a firewall that might be compatible with your router. You can also contact the router provider to ask about compatible firewalls.

wifi routers hacked

Set Up A Strong Name

Your ISP might have set up a default name and password for your network. But you should change both of them immediately if you want to keep your router secure. The hackers and cybercriminals can easily guess a weak password. And then they can steal your private data and control your system. SO, you should set up a strong name and password for your network.

Install A Reliable Antivirus Software

Finally, you should use reliable antivirus software to keep your router safe. Antivirus software can rapidly combat against viruses and malware. And it can protect against the theft of information and data. I subscribed to one of the very reliable Spectrum packages in Texas and got a FREE antivirus software. Just by installing regular updates, I was able to keep my data and router protected for a long time.

Besides these, you can use several software and tools to make your router more secure. Timely measures and the right tools can protect the loss of important information and data.


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